Web Discoveries for March 9th

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SweetCron has failed me. There, I said it.

Though you can still access my experimental lifestream at http://digitalcortex.net/stream, I hope it’ll soon be replaced with this cool new open-source lifestreaming tool from jonpauldavies. Key features are:

  • Looks to be especially good at styling, with several themes ready out of the box.
  • 16 built-in social services with RSS input for those other fiddly ones no-one really uses.
  • Graphing tools built-in for crispy pie charts etc.

Plus, the PR job he’s doing over at lifestreamblog.com will work wonders at driving support, the main reason SweetCron is lagging behind. Check it out:

via AmpliFeeder on Vimeo.

Web Discoveries for February 9th

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