Web Discoveries for November 30th

These are my del.icio.us links for November 30th Use WordPress to Create Amazing Sites – WordPress Arena – Some more inspiring sites and tools for WordPress development. NewTeeVee’s Next Big Thing List for 2009 – Worth a read for anyone interested in the future of online television. Listorious: Discover the Best Twitter Lists – The first, and probably best directory … Read More

Web Discoveries for July 24th

These are my del.icio.us links for July 24th LAPP – Light Art Performance Photography – Must-see timelapse artistry, set in eerie environments where the colours really stand out. Eclectic Method – Recycled video content offered up as pop-art, with some great projects under their belt and lots more to come. Open Share Icons and Buttons – A good idea to … Read More

The Internet

This entry is part 9 in the series An Opus to AR

This entry is part 9 in the series An Opus to ARThe Internet, or specifically the World Wide Web, requires a limited virtuality in order to do its job. The shallow immersion offered to us by our computer screens actually serves our needs very well, since the Internet’s role in our lives is to connect, store and present information in … Read More

There Should Be More Robots on TV

This is incredible. Just when I thought I had a grip of current robot development, the Japanese blow my mind with this piece of raw awesomeness: Bizarre Japanese Fighting Robots Uploaded by DiagonalView. – Videos of the latest science discoveries and tech. It is so difficult to keep pace with the Far East on the technology front, but I am … Read More

What is AR and What is it Capable Of?

An AR marker, this one relates to a 3D model of Doctor Who's Tardis in Gameware's HARVEE kit
This entry is part 4 in the series An Opus to AR

This entry is part 4 in the series An Opus to ARPresently, most AR research is concerned with live video imagery and it’s processing, which allows the addition of live-rendered 3D digital images. This new augmented reality is viewable through a suitably equipped device, which incorporates a camera, a screen and a CPU capable of running specially developed software. This … Read More