Is Instagram a Good Place for Advertising?

That was the question asked of me by Campaign Magazine recently. They’ve quoted me a bit differently, and I look like the school bully in the picture they’ve used, but what I actually said is this: In the past two years we’ve seen a decline in organic reach and engagement rates on Facebook, despite an average 8x uplift on image posts. This has … Read More

Web Discoveries for September 22nd

These are my links for September 22nd Members: WordPress Plugin – Handy for one of my other projects where part of a site is ‘Members Only’. Speed Reading Software and tools: Eyercize – I’ve always wanted to be able to read faster. This looks really handy. The Three Rules of QR Codes – Good examples / bad examples that … Read More

WIRED Found: The Ultimate Collection


I love WIRED magazine. It has excellent features; interesting contributors; an unpatronising writing style; awesome graphic design; unannoying ads; even the paper it’s printed on is good quality. WIRED is, to many, an opinion leading and culturally significant title both on and offline. It’s future facing attitude really suits my own, so I’ve been reading it regularly for years. Now … Read More