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ARRR! Augmented Reality Pirates!

Cambridge-based Augmented Reality specialists Optricks Media have just released their newest creation: AR! Pirates. [box type=”note”]Attention, mateys! As of May 26th, AR! Pirates is available for free on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on the App Store. ARRR!![/box] It’s a swashbuckling shoot-em-up game for Symbian devices (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson) that uses a really unique marker-based mechanic: the coins in … Read More

Experts Predict The Next Decade In Mobile

Rudy de Waele has been a busy man. He’s curated 37 of the world’s most notable voices from Mobile & Academia for inclusion in his Mobile Trends 2020 slide deck – a collection of thoughts on where we’ll all be this time next decade: “I asked some of my personal heroes in mobile to write down their five most significant … Read More

Web Discoveries for October 20th

These are my links for October 20th Eigenharp Alpha – A new kind of instrument for the future of expressive electronic music – research for an upcoming piece. Wearable Technology, the next User Experience Frontier | UXbyDesign – Some brilliant real-world applications of wearable computers, that could drive us further into the age of ubiquity. Tech Crunchies – Internet … Read More

Top 60 Jobs That Will Rock the Future

Here’s a total re-blog of some interesting thoughts from Get Degrees. It’s lifted wholesale from their article Top 60 Jobs That Will Rock the Future: We know where the jobs are now… but where will they be ten years from now? Twenty? Some job descriptions will always be in need, but many others are evolving to fit the ever-changing course … Read More