Experience a Glimpse of 3D Web Browsing

Coming Soon: 3D computing. Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it? My claim is that 3D is the next step in object-oriented user interface (OOUI), which is the way most of us interact with computers after someone (at Apple, I think) had idea that we’d store ‘documents’ in ‘folders’ rather than access them via a command line. Ever since, we’ve  been using … Read More

Web Discoveries for January 14th

These are my del.icio.us links for January 14th Augmented Reality Year in Review – 2009 « The Future Digital Life – An excellent month-by-month rundown of AR ongoings/events last year, the year AR entered popular consciousness. How to Build a Memory Palace – wikiHow – Instructions to create your own memory palace: a useful and widely used mnemonic system. Use … Read More


This entry is part 17 in the series An Opus to AR

This entry is part 17 in the series An Opus to ARSo that’s it, my series is over. All that’s left to do now is credit the academic sources that influenced and aided in the construction of my argument. Thanks to everyone below, and thanks to you, dear reader, for coming along for the ride. References: Baudrillard, Jean (1983). Simulations. … Read More

Web Discoveries for July 24th

These are my del.icio.us links for July 24th LAPP – Light Art Performance Photography – Must-see timelapse artistry, set in eerie environments where the colours really stand out. Eclectic Method – Recycled video content offered up as pop-art, with some great projects under their belt and lots more to come. Open Share Icons and Buttons – A good idea to … Read More