[box type=”info”]This post originally appeared on the planning blog.[/box] What does the word ‘digital’ mean to you? dig·it·al /?d?d??tl/ adv – of or pertaining to a digit or finger resembling a digit or finger manipulated with a finger or the fingertips: a digital switch displaying a readout in digital form: a digital speedometer having digits or digitlike parts of, pertaining … Read More

Music is the Virus

Airborne, a potentially disruptive start-up in the music sector, hopes to “cure the music industry of its sickness” with their upcoming launch. Their cloud-based music sharing platform places fans and artists in direct symbiosis. It’s an interesting model, so take a look: Beyond all the virus metaphors (they even go so far as to call songs ‘strains’)  the core idea is quite simple: Cut … Read More

Web Discoveries for October 20th

These are my links for October 20th Eigenharp Alpha – A new kind of instrument for the future of expressive electronic music – research for an upcoming piece. Wearable Technology, the next User Experience Frontier | UXbyDesign – Some brilliant real-world applications of wearable computers, that could drive us further into the age of ubiquity. Tech Crunchies – Internet … Read More

Applying McLuhan

This entry is part 13 in the series An Opus to AR

This entry is part 13 in the series An Opus to ARI begin with McLuhan, whose Laws of Media or Tetrad offers greater insights for Mobile AR, sustaining and developing upon the arguments developed in my assessment of the interlinking technologies that meet in Mobile AR, whilst also providing the basis to address some of this man’s deeper thoughts. The … Read More

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work

This piece from The Onion brutally destroys both Sony, and the wider electronics industry for their shameless plugging of products they ‘think’ we all want. Of course, what we all really need is convergence between existing products, rather than entirely new products that defy comprehension. That aside, check out the video: