Super Smash Land: A Game Boy Demake

If a remake is bringing an old favourite up to date on a modern platform, ‘demaking’ is the act of taking a contemporary form and representing it in a nostalgic or long-lost one. That’s what Dan Fornace, a digital media major of Drexel University, has pulled off in his demake of Super Smash Brothers (originally released on Nintendo consoles N64, … Read More

ARRR! Augmented Reality Pirates!

Cambridge-based Augmented Reality specialists Optricks Media have just released their newest creation: AR! Pirates. [box type=”note”]Attention, mateys! As of May 26th, AR! Pirates is available for free on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on the App Store. ARRR!![/box] It’s a swashbuckling shoot-em-up game for Symbian devices (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson) that uses a really unique marker-based mechanic: the coins in … Read More

On the Potential for Branded Robots

r2d2 branded robot

Last year I wrote about these awesome fighting robots from Japan, where  I asked this question: “I am very interested in at least progressing research into the potential for branded robotics, androids & cybernetics if any readers have thoughts?” I received an equally awesome response from one Pius Agius, who challenged me on my Western predilection to see robots fighting rather … Read More

Web Discoveries for January 4th

These are my links for January 4th gilles peterson « Search Results « DEEPGOA’s electronic sessions – The definitive (yet unofficial) source for Gilles Peterson’s weekly radio show and podcasts. Plenty more dance music available throughout the site. – Storytelling insights and innovations from around the planet – interactive, animation, film and more. Brilliant. Logical Awesome – Check … Read More