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Potential form of laser input

Ready for some frickin’ laserbeams to kickstart the week? I know I am. A team from the University of Tokyo have conceived of several new applications for lasers, some of which are interesting to say the least, others potentially groundbreaking. These applications arise from their Smart Laser Scanner (markerless laser tracking) technology: Essentially, it is a smart rangefinder scanner that … Read More

Top 60 Jobs That Will Rock the Future

Here’s a total re-blog of some interesting thoughts from Get Degrees. It’s lifted wholesale from their article Top 60 Jobs That Will Rock the Future: We know where the jobs are now… but where will they be ten years from now? Twenty? Some job descriptions will always be in need, but many others are evolving to fit the ever-changing course … Read More


This entry is part 17 in the series An Opus to AR

This entry is part 17 in the series An Opus to ARSo that’s it, my series is over. All that’s left to do now is credit the academic sources that influenced and aided in the construction of my argument. Thanks to everyone below, and thanks to you, dear reader, for coming along for the ride. References: Baudrillard, Jean (1983). Simulations. … Read More

Summary So Far

This entry is part 11 in the series An Opus to AR

This entry is part 11 in the series An Opus to ARIn summary, Mobile AR has many paths leading to it. It is this convergence of various paths that makes a true historical appraisal of this technology difficult to achieve. However, I have highlighted facets of its contributing technologies that assist in the developing picture of the implications that Mobile … Read More

Web Discoveries for June 24th

These are my links for June 24th Node | world leader in Location Based Media – Clever, if rather corporate looking site that says it’s authors seem to have their heads screwed on when it comes to mixed reality applications. Atlas Obscura | Wondrous, curious & bizarre locations around the world – All credit to a surprisingly twisted mattbambow … Read More