The Subscription Options Add-on Pack

Description of this Add-on Pack:

The Subscription Options Add-on Pack is a response to the hundreds of comments and emails I’ve had re: the Subscription Options Plugin for WordPress, requesting additional ways to connect and share. The add-on pack provides additional icons for LinkedIn, Flickr, Google+, Podcasting, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify and Tumblr.

 Add-on Pack features:

  • Integrates with the interface, design and functionality of the  Subscription Options Plugin.
  • Offers an additional set of ways for readers to subscribe and connect with your blog, via familiar-looking icons.

Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. To download and use this add-on pack, please make your purchase right here.
  2. Once your order is processed, you will automatically be emailed your download link.
  3. Download & extract the files and place the entire ‘subscription-options-addon’ folder in your wp_content/plugins directory.
  4. Go to your ‘Installed Plugins’ panel and activate ‘Subscription Options Add-on Pack’.
  5. Check to see whether the original Subscription Options Plugin needs upgrading, and if so, upgrade it to the latest version.
  6. You are now ready to use the add-on pack.

Usage instructions:

  1. Go to your ‘Appearance > Widgets’ panel and you will notice a new set of options in the Subscription Options widget.
  2. Enter the following new details as desired:
    • LinkedIn Profile URL & Colour
    • Flickr Page URL & Colour
    • Google+ URL & Colour
    • Podcasting Service URL & Colour
    • YouTube Channel URL & Colour
    • Pinterest Page URL & Colour
    • Spotify Playlist URL & Colour
    • Tumblr Site URL & Colour
      – Please note that you don’t need to use all the icons, just don’t enter a URL if you don’t want an icon to show up.
      – Please also note that you can use any HTML colour code, be it HEX code or HTML Color Name.
  3. Hit ‘Done’ then ‘Save Changes’. Test the appearance and perhaps change the size of the icons as necessary.

The Upgraded Widget Options Panel*:

*Not pictured above are the standard four icons, which would usually fill positions between the Title & LinkedIn options.

Version History:

V 0.1 – first version with options for four new services.
V0.2 – new icons – as promised!

Future Versions:

V0.3 – potential for even more icons, based on user feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I style the new icons in my own way?

Yes, you can. You can use your stylesheet.css or this widget’s internal stylesheet to override your theme’s default widget settings by using the following CSS classes:

  • img.suboptions-icon – All icons (useful for setting alignment or spacing)
  • img.linkedin-icon – Just the LinkedIn icon
  • – Just the Flickr icon
  • – Just the Google+ icon
  • img.podcast-icon – Just the Podcast icon
  • – Just the YouTube icon
  • img.pinterest-icon – Just the Pinterest icon
  • img.spotify-icon – Just the Spotify icon
  • img.tumblr-icon – Just the Tumblr icon

Please note that the icons’ sizes will still need to be set from within the widget admin panel. CSS doesn’t let you override that that.

Why don’t my icons have nice rounded corners any more?

The latest versions of the base plugin offer thousands of new colour options, using transparent icons and CSS3 rounded corners. As such, the widget looks best in modern CSS3-compatible web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or IE9. If you are not entirely comfortable with this, you can always roll back to an older version of the original plugin (but you won’t get the new icons showing up).

How do I get my Google+ URL to look like yours?

I suggest you check out, which will let you do just that.

How do I set up a Podcast or Podcast URL?

Feedburner can help, as can Apple. Podcasters, please post your links in the comments below as I’m always on the lookout for new ear candy!

What should I put as the URL for the Spotify icon?

Well, I put a link to my Starred Tracks, like this

Where can I find more help and support?

Just email me from my contact page, or leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to help where possible.

How can I support this plugin’s development?

Simply buying it would be more than enough. The ‘buy now’ page is right here.

  • Mike

    bought it – downloaded – does not work 


    decompression failed

    • Hi there Mike, thank you for your custom.

      Can I ask which decompression tool you’re using? Winzip, 7zip, winRAR or other?

      If there are continued problems, please attempt to install the plugin using the ‘upload plugin’ facility and upload the raw zip file, then please let me know how you get on.

      On Aug 2, 2011 7:58 PM, “Disqus”

      • Kbarndt

        Same problem when I use WP 3.2.1 to upload and install the plugin.

        When that failed I uploaded the folder and files with CuteFTP, but nothing appears in my Installed Plugins list.

        • OK Mike I’ll look into this. Your purchase is logged and I assure that I will sort this for you.

          • Jaace

            Has this been sorted?

          • Hi Jaace, things are all good! As long as you’ve got the latest version of the main plugin running (currently 0.8.9). Hope to have you as a customer.

      • Kbarndt

        FIxed it. Looks like the folders were nested.

  • Sent the payment last night, download link didn’t show up.

    SteliH at yahoo

    • Hi Stephen,

      I have a different email address for your purchase, so can you check your gmail and let me know? If not I’ll generate you a download link and send to your yahoo address.

  • I upgraded but haven’t seen the new options or received an email with instructions. 

    • Hi LoriRuff,

      The confirmation email is sent to customers’ PayPal addresses – if you could have a quick check in there please, and in the spam box if necessary, I’m sure it’ll turn up. Otherwise, I’d be happy to send through an alternative link if you can provide me with your transaction time.

      • Date:Feb 26, 2012Time:23:58:46 CSTwhat email is it coming from – perhaps I missed it.

  • Is there a way to get a pinterest icon? 

    • I’ll add this (finally) at the weekend.

  • Hi, I agree about the Pinterest icon. That would be fabulous, and really complete this pack.

  • Miranda

    Hi, do you support Pinterest? We need it also.

    • I’ll roll out an update this weekend. Look out for it!

  • WilliamJoyner

    Just upgraded, received PayPal receipt but no download link.

    • Hi William,

      I maintain records of all payments taken via paypal, but sometimes download links are not sent automatically – so I’m glad you got in touch.

      I’ll send your details via email to this address.


  • How long does it take to get the download link emailed? It’s been less than an hour, but I was just wondering. jlaczko at

    • Guest

      Oh well, it was less than $2…

    • Almost 24 hrs…still waiting

      • Dear John,

        Please excuse the delayed response to your Disqus messages, I’ve been travelling these last few days.

        I have sent you your download link privately. This should have been sent immediately, so I am looking to switch to a better provisioning tool to process future payments.

        Apologies, and best wishes.

  • Hi,

    I bought this & did not receive it yet.

  • Darin McCall

    Looks cool, I’d like to TRY to buy it but it doesn’t appear that the BUY NOW option is working correctly. 🙁

    • Kimberly Carman

      Having the same problem here Darin! Wondered if you’d find this 🙂 I still haven’t gotten a reply from the contact form I’ve filled out twice this week either 🙁 Looks like we may have to find you a different plug in for your site

      • Hi both, just to say, I’ve fixed this very bothersome issue for all users now – and have sent you a download link.

  • Отлично! надо попробовать)))0

  • you need to add instagram!!!

  • Will you be adding Instagram? And I am not seeing the email link option..

    • Hi there,

      I might add Instagram in the next release, alongside any other icons people might want. Any suggestions?

      And as for the email link option, probably a cache issue? Let me know if you’re still stuck.


  • Hey excited for this. Just one minor detail. Step 4: Download & extract the files and place the entire ‘subscription-options-addon’ folder in your wp_content/plugins directory. – How do I place the files in the subscription addon folder? Do I have to do via FTP client or is there a way to drop right in? 101 language please – I have no idea what I’m doing :).

    • Hi Chrysula, nice to have you as a customer again. Rather than messing about with an FTP client, you could in fact upload the zip file via your Plugins menu within the WP Dashboard – it should replace your current version of the addon pack.

      • Tom, you’re a legend! Finally saw where to upload within the Plugin. I’m a little slow today :). Cheers!


    Hello I purchased and have not received the download link yet. i received my receipt for payment, but no link. Please help .

  • Are there any plans to add an instagram icon?

  • I have a client who just bought this add on and still after 24 hours hasn’t received the email with the download information. She informed me that she has sent you a message. Can you please respond so that we can update her plug in and get her site update completed. Thank you

  • Hi Tom. As RSS is going away, could you please add Bloglovin? Instagram would be great too. Thanks!

  • Basket does not work

  • Hello, I recently decided to link my pinterst and spotify but the images are showing as broken links. could you please advise me how to correct this?

  • Joseph Loco

    still have not received the download link. 4 days

  • Where is this? wp_content/plugins directory.

  • Jessica Ugalino Tran

    Is there an Instagram icon available?

  • jefferson @seedebtrun

    Will buy this as soon as you add the instagram!

  • Dave

    When I try to upload the folder it doesn’t work and when I try to open the folder and do each individually I can’t get it top update either. What am i missing here?

    • Hi Dave,

      Try installing via the WordPress plugin install section in your dashboard instead. It will ask for the zip file and manage the process for you.

      Let me know if you get stuck.


      • Dave

        I did but the download isn’t a zip file. It’s a folder that has additionally png files in it. I tried uploading the folder and each individual file with no luck

      • Dave

        Sent you an email as well. Still no luck.

        • Hi again, did you get sent the download link via email? Click that link again and you’ll have the zipped file to install. No need to extract or anything. Just point the ‘upload plugin’ dialog at the zip file in your downloads folder. Let me know if that’s clear!

          • Dave

            I did exactly that. Uploaded the downloaded file which was a folder named “subscription options add on” It didn’t work. I’m using an iMac and also tried when I go to my downloads opening that folder which it does and then shows png files of all the additional buttons

          • Dave

            it is a folder not a zip file. See here. I downloaded it 3 times hence why it’s there 3 times

          • Dave

            Once I click on it this comes up.

          • This seems very unusual. But alas, if you can’t find the zip file as provided by my download link, then all I can suggest is you manually upload the entire folder to the wp-content/plugins folder via FTP.

            That’s really all I can suggest I’m afraid as I can’t quite understand why your mac would automatically unzip your downloads?!

          • Dave

            GOT IT!!!!! Safari automatically unzips files. Had to turn that setting off under Preferences. I figure I would tell you for future reference.

  • Amanda Shiffler

    I saw a question about an Instagram icon and wondered when that would be available?

  • Mary McLoughlin

    I uploaded the zip file to my wp-content file on my c panel and the Add On does not appear in my list of installed plug ins.

  • azsenjigal

    I can’t find the “wp_content/plugins directory” in which to put the downloaded file.
    I’ve opened my blog in both Safari and Firefox, no directory found in either and I am afraid to do anything with the sections where there is active language.

  • Fawn Rechkemmer

    Just putting in another vote for an Instagram Icon! Yes, please!!

  • No instagram?