Is Instagram a Good Place for Advertising?

That was the question asked of me by Campaign Magazine recently. They’ve quoted me a bit differently, and I look like the school bully in the picture they’ve used, but what I actually said is this: In the past two years we’ve seen a decline in organic reach and engagement rates on Facebook, despite an average 8x uplift on image posts. This has … Read More

Philips Hue ’16 Million Moments’

My mate Lucy Tcherniak has just mastered her most recent piece of work, for consumer tech giants Philips and their Wi-fi enabled lighting range Hue – which are remote control light bulbs that can augment the mood of a room via your mobile phone: The blurb: Discover just some of the millions of ways to use light with Philips Hue. from … Read More


[box type=”info”]This post originally appeared on the planning blog.[/box] In this post, let’s explore the link between the twin worlds of microbiology and creative thought, drawing inspiration from three brilliant scientific discoveries. Labcoats on, people! 1. Sponges If a sea sponge (phylum porifera) is forced through a sieve to disintegrate it down to its cellular level, those cells, if … Read More


[box type=”info”]This post originally appeared on the planning blog.[/box] Within the pages of Watchmen, Adrian Veidt, the so-called “smartest man in the world”, esteemed business leader and founding member of the Crimebusters is shown at a wall of televisions, each tuned to a different channel. He uses this clatter of imagery, sound and motion to make sense of the current geopolitical and … Read More

Aurasma vs. Blippar

I’ve written about Augmented Reality extensively in the past, but since the days of immersing myself in the purely theoretical potential for the medium, a few key players have rooted themselves in a very commercial reality that is now powering the fledgling industry. And while B2B-focused vendors such as ViewAR remain behind the scenes, the likes of Aurasma and Blippar … Read More